The Broadie Family

Winifred Jones Broadie Winifred (Jones) Broadie

My husband and I reared five children, living in Kansas and Nebraska.  I returned to work at Wichita State University as secretary to the Vice President when my younger two children finished high school.  Steve and I traveled to many tennis tournaments during our retirement years, as Steve held national rankings as a “Super Senior”.  After Steve’s death in 2001, I sold my Wichita home but kept our mobile home in Florida where I spend winters.  I rotate staying with my four daughters during the remainder of each year.  I thoroughly enjoy seeing my five grandchildren and seven great grandchildren
Joan Broadie Feldmeier

Joan (Broadie) Feldmeier

* Masters Degree in Music Education

* Toured the United States as a member of the Harry Simeone Chorale

* Taught for 2 years in a private American school in London, England and then in public schools in Kansas, New Hampshire and Massachusetts for 33 years

* Served 23 years in the U.S. Military, with 15 years in the Army Reserves and 8 years in National Guard Bands

* Founded and directed a state-supported children's choir

Jane Broadie Wilson

Jane (Broadie) Wilson

* Degrees in Music Education and Journalism

* Has served the United Methodist Church throughout her 43 year marriage to her pastor husband

* Actively involved in church music

* Mother of 3 children

* Published in Angels on Earth (a subsidiary of Guidepost),Healing Ministries, The American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care and The PEO Journal

Eileen Broadie


* Toured the United States with Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians as a singer and flute player

* Former member of the Bavarian Radio Choir in Germany

* Full-time Soloist for 4 years with the Augsburg Opera House, Germany

* Mother of a 24-year old daughter

* Taught Voice for 8 years at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver

* Currently teaches music at a public school

* Holds a doctorate in vocal performance.


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